Program Fees

The following is our fee schedule for enrollment in the program. The fee is based on the number of hours assigned with the exception of juvenile referrals. For juvenile referrals, the fee is a flat $35.00, and is not based on the amount of hours assigned.

Sentencing Alternatives Program Community Service Referral Fees

Adult – Hours Assigned Fee
1 – 25 $35.00
26 – 75 $65.00
76 – 150 $100.00
151 – 300 $150.00
301 – 450 $200.00
451 and over $250.00
Juvenile Fee
Juvenile community service referral fee No Charge
Other fees Fee
Federal case fee $100.00
DA Diversion Program fee $40.00
Weekend Work Program transfer fee $50.00
Out-of-county community service transfer fee. $35.00
Please note…
Fees are due at the time of your SAP interview
We accept payments via cash, check, money order, or by credit-card
Additional fees may apply when paying via credit card
A $35.00 re-open fee will be charged if your case is closed incomplete