Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any additional questions, please contact one of our caseworkers for additional information.

Where do I register for the SAP program?
A: You must contact our office (408) 944-9046 within three (3) business days of being referred to SAP for an appointment.
What is required at the time of the interview?
A: You must bring your Referral from Court or Program paperwork, a valid form of identification, and the SAP processing fee.
Where are the Community Service worksites?
A: All agency worksites must be non-profit agencies and approved by SAP (e.g., Schools, Youth and Senior Centers, Libraries, Parks and other Non-Profit organizations).
What is the purpose of the interview?
A: The interview is conducted to allow the caseworker to screen and assess the needs of the client. If there is a medical issue, you must provide appropriate medical documentation that details your limitations. This documentation must be presented to your caseworker at the time of your interview with SAP. The caseworker gives special consideration, whenever possible, to the clients’ skills, interests, personal needs, employment and available transportation, when making a placement.
How much is the fee for SAP?
A: Fees vary based on the type of referral and the number of hours assigned. Please see the SAP Fees page for additional information.
What are acceptable methods of payment?
A: SAP accepts payment via cash, check, money order, or credit card. Please refer to the SAP Fees page for additional information.
Why do I have to pay fee?
A: The fees you pay cover the time it takes to interview you, monitor your progress, provide you with a completion certificate and report back to the courts or appropriate party.
What determines whether days or hours of community service are required?
A: The court determines whether you are required to perform days of community service or hours of community service. If you are assigned to complete days of community service, the requirement is in lieu of a Sheriffs’ Weekend Work Program order. You will be required to complete 8 hours of manual labor by your completion date (work days for this program may be served any day of the week and are not limited to weekends).
Is there available parking?
A: Yes. Ample parking is available on site. Both driving and public transportation directions to SAP can be found on the SAP Directions page.
Is there job placement assistance?
A: While a number of our clients have found employment through various organizations, we are not a job placement agency and therefore do not offer any type of placement assistance.
Does SAP provide transportation to/from work sites?
A: All clients must provide their own transportation to/from work sites as well as to/from the interview at SAP. Both driving and public transportation directions to SAP can be found on the SAP Directions page.